L - Lesson, Hw - Homework, Bk - Book, Wb - Workbook, Nb - Notebook, Ws - Worksheet

Mon. - No school
Tues. - L10.1 pg.405-406; pg.407-408 1-22; Hw: WbP201 7-9,13,17; D or F test signed
Wed. - L10.3 p.414; pg.414-415 2-24; WbP201 4,12,16; Hw: WbP205 7-9,13,17
Thurs. - L10.2 pg.409-410; pg.410-412 2-27 (skip 23); Hw: WbP203 7-9,13,17; Quiz Monday on customary units (students will not be allowed to use info sheet on quiz)
Fri. - Review conversion of customary units; Mid-Chapter pg.421-422; Hw: Quiz Monday (STUDENTS MUST MEMORIZE UNITS OF MEASUREMENT)

*Students need to study measurement cards each day.
Mon. - L9.2 pg.373-374; pg.375-376 1-38; Hw: D or F test signed and returned
Tues. - WbP184 3-6; Cartesian plane art activity (see below for instructions and downloads) (this activity will be graded); Hw: Test Friday: Cartesian Plane
Instructions for art activity:
1-Label the x-axis and the y-axis
2-Plot points on the Cartesian plane to create a design or picture
3-Label 20 points A-T and give the ordered pair for each; write the ordered pair correctly ( _ , _ )
4-You may add details and color the picture when complete

Wed. - L9.3 pg.377-378 (missing temps. 52,50,49,46,46,45,45); p.379 1; L9.7 pg.395-396; pg.397-398 1-5; Hw: Test Friday
Thurs. - Test Review: Review sheet; Book pg.385-386 6-14; pg.399-402 3-6,9,10,12,14a and b; (Remember origin is at (0,0) )

Fri. - Test: Cartesian Plane; Extended Cartesian plane activity

Mon. - Workbook pg.173 and 175; p.175 for odd numbers use a model also
Tues. - L8.5 pg.357-358; pg.359-360 1-8; Hw: Quiz tomorrow; Test Friday (Lessons 8.3,4,5)
Wed. - Quiz; Coordinate grid activity; Hw: Test Friday
Thurs. - Test Review (in book, not a sheet); pg.361-362 1-21a,b,c (skip 20); change 64/12 into a mixed number; what is the reciprocal of 1/5?; Hw: Test tomorrow; D or F quiz signed and returned
Fri. - Test: Divide with Fractions; Mult. Activity

Mon. - Review for test; Book pg.315-316 2-16; pg.333-335 11,12,14,16; review sheet; Hw: Test tomorrow: Multiply fractions

60 seconds (s) = 1 minute (min), 60 min = 1 hour (hr), 24 hr = 1 day (d)
Tues. - Test: Multiply fractions
Wed. - Computer Lab: Performance Series Testing (Math)
Thurs.- L8.3 pg.347-348; pg.349-350 5-13 (skip 11); Review test answers; Hw: D or F quiz signed and returned
7 days (d) = 1 week (wk), 52 wk = 1 year (yr), 12 months (mo) = 1 yr, 365 d = 1 yr
*Measurement Info Sheet attached (students have been making study cards as well); Begin learning for upcoming lessons

*Note: Tillman hr completed lesson together as a class due to library. We will continue the lesson tomorrow as well.
*Notes for Lesson 8.3 can be found under Math Notes tab on this site.
Fri. - L8.4 pg.353-354; pg.355-356 3-17 (skip 14,15); reciprocal: flip second fraction; models and reciprocal
*Notes for Lesson 8.4 can be found under Math Notes.

Mon. - L7.4 pg.303-304; pg.304-306 1-9; numerator x numerator and denominator x denominator; simplify answers
Tues. - L7.6 pg.311-312; pg.313-314 1-19,22; simplify answers; when multiplying a whole number and a fraction, multiply the whole number with the numerator and leave the denominator the same; all week students will create measurement info. cards to help them learn measurement facts for upcoming lessons
1 foot = 12 inches, I yard = 3 feet, 1 yard = 36 inches
(*Note: I will cover this lesson with Short's hr tomorrow. They were in the computer lab for Performance Rdg during math class.)
Wed. - L7.9 p.326 Ex.1; pg.327-328 1-21; Hw: Quiz tomorrow on multiplying with fractions and mixed numbers
1 mile = 5,280 feet, 1 mile = 1,760 yards
(Short hr: for Wed. also, L7.6 pg.311-312; p.313 15-18)
Thurs. - Quiz: Multiply with fractions; Hw: Test Tuesday on multiplying with fractions
Fri. - L7.5 p.307; L7.8 p.321; pg.309-310 1-14; pg.323-324 1-13 (skip 8 and 9); Hw: Test Tuesday; D or F quiz signed and returned
1 pound (lb) = 16 ounces (oz), 1 ton (T) = 2000 pounds
(Notes on these lessons found under the tab Math Notes on this site.)

Mon.-Thurs. - No school (MLK Day and weather days)
Fri. - I was out. Students completed an assignment in Coach Performance book.

Mon. - WbP131,133; Hw: Quiz tomorrow on add and subtract with mixed numbers; Test Thursday on all fractions
Tues. - Quiz on adding and subtracting mixed numbers; Begin review for test pg.285-288 5-10,15-18,20-21; Test Thurs.
Wed. - Review for test tomorrow: Book pg.285-288 5-10,15-18,20-21 and review sheet; Test tomorrow on all fractions; graded quiz sent home (D or F signed and returned)

Thurs. - Test: Fractions; Coach Performance Decimal Review
Fri. - L7.3 pg.299-300; pg.301-302 4-13,18,19 (simplify answers); Hw: graded test sent home (D or F signed and returned)
*Note: To solve 5 x 3/8, do 5x3/8 = 15/8 = 1 and 7/8
To solve 2/3 x 4, do 2x4/3 = 8/3 = 2 and 2/3

Mon.-Wed. - No school
Thurs. - L6.7 pg.269-270; pg.270-272 2-18even,3,19
Fri. - Review adding and subtracting mixed numbers and subtracting with renaming; complete Thursday assignment; pg.270-271 odd numbers; Quiz Tuesday on adding and subtracting mixed numbers; Test Thursday on all fractions